The Surface of Champions Part II

Decoturf and the US Open


If you saw Tuesday’s The Surface of Champions infographic, it probably got you wondering more about the change in DecoTurf® court color at the US Open. If you didn’t you can catch up here. To answer this curiosity we present you with a video and article featuring one of our VP’s, John Graham. The first is specific to the US Open. The second discusses tennis court color trends as a whole, focusing on installations such as the US Open, the Australian Open, and Olympic venues.

“The typical pro court is now blue,” says John Graham, managing director of Andover, Mass.-based DecoTurf®. “We’ve seen a huge swing — now we have standard light and dark blues, Olympic blue, Australian Open blue. The China Open is two shades of blue, and that’s considered maybe a fifth Grand Slam.”

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