Sport Tough™ Adhesive is a self-contained, two-component polyurethane adhesive specially designed to incorporate speed and simplicity to synthetic turf installations.
The combination of a high-performance adhesive and patented dispensing spray gun produces an adhesive system that meets and exceeds FIFA standards for bond strength.

Fast application & minimal waste / fast dry times allow for streamlined installations

No external equipment required / self-contained unit delivers a state of the art spray gun application that eliminates onsite glue boxes

No mixing / pre-pressurized two-component system ensures accurate & consistent spray ratios

Colorwise temperature warning nozzles / ensures adhesives is being applied at proper temperature

Fifa / exceeds FIFA standards for bonding synthetic turf bond strength. 3rd party testing data available upon request

Product sizes & Accessories

  • P12001 / Patch Repair Kit
    • Avg. 40 Ft. (12.2. m)
    • Min. 36 Ft. (11 m)
    • Max. 49 Ft. (15 m) @ 6” Spray**
  • P12048 / Small Kit
    • Avg. 446 Ft. (136 m)
    • Min. 403 Ft. (546 m) Max. 546 Ft. (166.4 m) @ 6” Spray**
  • P12049 / Full Size Kit
    • Avg. 1427 Ft. (435 m)
    • Min. 1289 Ft. (393 m)
    • Max. 1748 Ft. (532.8 m) @ 6” Spray**
  • A10084 / Multipurpose Cleaner 12 oz.
  • ST1208-9 / Spray Cart
    • Use with P12048 Small Kit

**Coverage rate will depend on the application method.

Nozzles changes from clear to blue, indicating that the chemical has reached cold temperatures below 60°F (16°C) and the adhesive should not be dispensed until chemical is back to recommended temperatures (see TDS for product specific temperature recommendations).

The patented Handi-Gun dispensing provides speed and simplicity to the application.

For easy application over large areas, use Sport Tough Turf Adhesive Spray Cart with Sport Tough Turf Adhesive Spray Small Kit.