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Founded in 1953, California Sports Surfaces started with a small team with a passion for advancing current sports surface technology. Their innovative engineers invented a durable, more comfortable surface platform that promotes more fluid game play while enhancing athletic performance. Today the California Sports Surfaces brand leads the industry with their exclusive technology advancements, evolving the game play of a wide variety of professional sports. The US Open, Australian Open, Laver Cup, several Olympic games, and countless other prestigious events depend on California Sports Surfaces. For whatever purpose — professional, college, recreational, or even residential — our sports surface brands deliver enhanced surface technology with applications that involve all facets of sports and recreation.


You don’t need to be athletically gifted to join California Sports Surfaces, but you do have to be a team player. We’re looking for talented people at all levels interested in advancing their career with an industry-leading company. Please click the link below to submit your resume.

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