Benefits of cushioned surfaces

Is player safety and comfort important for you or your customers?

Sports like tennis, pickleball, netball, basketball and volleyball, among others, are played by all sorts of people of different ages – from amateurs to professionals – all over the world. And for those looking for low-impact, cushioned athletic surfaces are a great option.

Using a rubber shock pad layer between the surface of the court and the substrate, cushioned surfaces are soft and forgiving, providing additional playing comfort and supporting player wellness.

Cushioned surfaces are easier on the body, while still providing the required support. Players of all skill levels can play longer and more often.

California Sports Surfaces Rebound Ace® systems use an innovative multi-layered cushion design that reduces leg, ligament and lower back strains and other injuries.

Since 1979, competitive sports like tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball, and, more recently, pickelball have benefited with help from our award-winning surface and coating options:

Best for vigorous, frequent play, our Rebound Ace GS8 Mat System offers the ultimate level of cushioned comfort and shock absorbency. Utilizing a 7mm rubber shock pad, GS8 offers the highest shock absorbency on the market (tested >25% shock absorbency). This surface system is perfect for periods of extended play and are well-suited for the lifelong player.

Rebound Ace HSA Mat System provides the perfect balance between performance and comfort. Utilizing a 4mm rubber mat, HSA’s high shock absorption (tested at > 12%) allows athletes to play competitively on a gentle, cushioned surface designed for player wellness, making it the best surface solution for competitive play and physical wellness.

Both systems can be topped with either Rebound Ultra Top Coat or CoolTop Ultra Topcoat, which provide the flexibility and surface finish to meet the performance requirements of sports from junior up to elite professional levels.

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