New Ultra Performance Fortified Plexipave

As anyone who has ever built, played on, or even stepped on a court can attest, silica sand is a critical component of a textured athletic surface. Sand is what provides traction, adds durability and helps prolong UV-stability.  While many contractors still prefer to add their own silica sand in the field, an increasing number of court builders are moving away from loose sand and getting sand-filled products directly from their suppliers. In some municipalities, local specifiers are requiring sand-filled products to be used on their projects.

In 1977, California Sports was the first sports coatings manufacturer to offer a sand-filled neutral option for field-mixing. Always at the forefront of industry innovation, we have continued to reformulate and improve our offerings over the years, most recently updating our Factory Fortified sand-filled colored products to match our Ultra Performance color lines, with an emphasis on improving both abrasion and UV resistance, as well as permeability and color-fastness.

New Ultra Performance Fortified Plexipave provides a vibrant and colorful finish system for long wearing playing surfaces, such as pickleball or tennis courts and playgrounds. With its filler properties, Fortified Plexipave provides a uniform surface over suitable asphalt and concrete surfaces and, since Fortified Plexipave requires essentially no mixing, the applicator does not need expensive mixing equipment and the additional labor required with on-the-job mixing.

Available in either 55-gal steel drums or 30-gal plastic drums, the new Fortified formulas will be offered in eight standard colors and three legacy colors: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Medium Green, Dark Green, Red, Gray Purple, True Blue, Velocity Blue and Sahara Sand. Of course, custom colors are also available, but minimum quantities and additional fees may apply.

For more information, please contact your regional manager or send us a message and find out why sand-filled Fortified Ultra Performance may be a better solution for you and your crews.