A brief history of Netball


For those not familiar with this sport, here are some quick details.

Netball is a ball sport, played on a court by two opposing teams of seven players. In Netball there is no dribbling, no running with the ball and the ball must be passed within 3 seconds.  The ball & basket are slightly smaller to basketball and there’s no backboard. Players are designated to certain areas and positions on the court, which has three separate zones. Netball has similarities to European Handball, Korfball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Netball does have the following advantages: true team sport (no ball hogs allowed), doesn’t matter size/ability level a position on court for everyone, great hand/eye coordination and teaches spatial awareness. It is fast paced and plenty of fun.

Netball’s origins started in England in 1895, with its roots tracking back to basketball. In the first half of the 20th century, Netball’s popularity continued to grow, with the game being played in many British Commonwealth countries. There were no standard rules at that time with both nine-a-side and five-a-side versions of the game.

In 1995 Netball became a “recognized” sport of the champions International Olympic Committee (IOC) and one of the Federation’s objectives is to ensure this status is retained and to encourage the International Olympic Committee to include Netball in the Olympic Games Program in the future.

Over a century after its inception, the game of Netball is now reportedly played by over 20 million people worldwide.

Left: Netball court, Deniquilin Rams Netball Club_New South Wales

Did you know that 95% of Netball surfaces are hard courts?

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SYNPAVE provides a durable, economical, high-performance surface, which retains its color and performance properties for years despite heavy use and extremes of weather and temperature. It is a popular choice for multi-purpose sports courts and complexes and delivers excellent ball bounce, grip, and long life. SYNPAVE is suitable to resurface existing areas and/or aged asphalt eliminating dangerous safety issues and extending the life of the sub-base.

Left uncoated, asphalt will oxidize due to UV exposure and weathering. Stones loosen and the surface becomes abrasive, causing player injury & discomfort when falls occur. By applying SYNPAVE to existing court surfaces, you are in effect giving it a sunscreen that preserves its lifespan for a fraction of the cost of a new asphalt surface.

Fully manufactured in Australia, SYNPAVE is based on pure acrylic resins, proven and tested for in excess of 40 years in the marketplace and it’s water-based.

Keeping your court looking brand new for years to come is as simple as sweeping/blower vac of leaves and debris, spot cleaning any droppings, and a biennial gurney clean (dependent on environment) – no high maintenance.

State Netball Centre, Adelaide, South Australia