Acrylotex Sport

Selecting TOPCOAT colors for your athletic surface

It seems obvious to state, but adding new color coatings to an athletic surface can give it a new life and change the entire appearance of the facility. As color selection is a critical part of a surfacing project, some factors to consider are:

  • Do the court colors fit in with the surrounding area?
  • Do they mesh well with your neighborhood? With your club?
  • Do the colors match any particular facility or school logos?

For most courts, the standard color offerings provide the best combination of performance and value and they are already tested and proven, but custom colors are available upon request for most of our surfacing systems.

It is important to note that, ultimately, the surface needs to be functional.  We typically try to discourage extremely bright colors for a number of reasons: Bright yellows and bright pinks certainly look good in certain environments, but these colors on an athletic surface will tend to fade faster. Lighter colors also tend to show sneaker marks, footmarks and ball marks more prevalently. And because of the pigments involved, they can often be more expensive. But they can be done, as we have done it all- we have even done white courts in the past!

We have developed colors for a variety of projects – from private courts to major tournaments. The iconic Purple-Green color scheme developed for the BNP Paribas Open, played on Plexipave for more than 25 years at the iconic Indian Wells Tennis Garden Stadium, were originally custom colors. Designed optimal player and spectator visibility, the Purple used on the inbounds playing area sits exactly 180 degrees across from yellow on the color wheel, giving it the greatest amount of contrast to the ball.  We have the experience- let us help you pick the right colors for your project.

Above: Delray Beach Open Stadium Court, Florida, US, installed by Papico Construction Inc.


Acrylotex Sport is a durable, high-performance, non-skid, textured color coating system for asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Above: Boston Convention Center, installed by New England Sealcoating

An ideal solution for multi-use and multi-sport applications, Acrylotex is suitable for interior or exterior applications and is manufactured to meet the rigorous requirements of municipalities, schools, and recreational facilities.

  • The specially formulated acrylic system offers a playing surface that is extremely versatile, durable and slip resistant
  • This all-weather recreational sport surface is value engineered to extend the surface life and is resistant to fading from UV exposure
  • Protects asphalt and concrete performance by reducing oxidation
  • Requires minimal maintenance while providing a long-lasting sport surface responsive to all styles of play
  • When compared to polyurethane, hardwood, or interlocking tile systems, Acrylotex Sport is the economic alternative that will remain in top playing condition for years
Above: New York PS234, installed by: Hinding Tennis, designed by: Nadej Hocini

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