As concrete tennis courts continue to become a more desired construction choice it is important to be educated in the various additives that can be added to the concrete mix.


Fly Ash is additive that is substituted for Portland Cement. It lowers cost, increases long-term strength, increases the working time for installation in hot weather and reduces ASR problems.


There have been concerns expressed about coating concrete surfaces containing Fly Ash based on older information. It is our opinion that properly designed concrete mix including fly ash do not cause a negative situation for the performance of our acrylic coatings.


The assumption of quality of the concrete installation continues that it will have:


  • Adequate strength for the site
  • A vapor barrier will be installed directly below the slab
  • The water/cement ratio shall be < .45
  • The concrete shall have a medium broom finish
  • The concrete shall for at least 30 days prior to coating
  • The specification for the proper primer shall be followed

Additional detailed information on Fly Ash is available at

Please contact your local area manager for more information.


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