Properly preparing concrete for the installation of athletic surfaces

A successful athletic court installation is dependent on many factors, starting with a sound base (with good drainage) and asphalt or concrete meeting the requirements of American Sports Builders Association. Here are some other key factors to consider prior to starting your job.

Surfaces should be properly sloped for good drainage, and free from cracks – Surface variation should be between 0.83% and 1% when measured in any direction with a straightedge, all in one plane.

Prevent moisture transmission – New Concrete should cure for a minimum of 28 days and must have vapor barrier installed below the slab.

Concrete surfaces should have the right texture – Concrete should have a medium-broom finish to allow for proper adhesion. New concrete must be acid-etched with either phosphoric or muriatic acid and must be thoroughly rinsed to remove laitance and salt and to reduce alkalinity. California Concrete Preparer is a self-neutralizing alternative.

Prime it – California Ti-Coat 2-part epoxy or Concrete Bond single-component primer should be installed as adhesion promoters prior to the Acrylic Resurfacer.

Always pay attention to the weather – No matter how much we wish to control the weather, the reality is that installers are at its mercy. No part of the installation should be conducted during rainfall, or when rainfall is imminent. In addition, the air and surface temperature must be between 50°F (10°C) and 140°F (60°C). Make sure to be conscientious about checking forecasts and planning your installations accordingly. Remember, the goal is to have a coat completely dry before quitting for the day and even the slightest shift in the weather can affect it.

For additional steps required for a successful athletic or recreational surface installation, please check out our installation guides.

California Sports Surfaces Concrete Bond

You might already be familiar with California Sports Surfaces’ best-selling Ti-Coat 2-part epoxy concrete primer. But did you also know CSS offers a single-component acrylic primer intended as an adhesion-promoter for concrete athletic courts?

Used as a primer for new or uncoated concrete prior to the application of CSS athletic surfacing systems, Concrete Bond tightly adheres to irregular textures on the concrete surface, providing an exceptional base for California Sports Surfaces’ water-based acrylic surfacing systems.

Concrete Bond is available as a concentrate in 5-gallon pails and should be diluted 5 parts water to one part primer.