Stop Rust Spots on Athletic Courts with Wipe-Out® Stain Blocker from ICP

Apply this brand-new coating to keep your surfaces looking their best


ANDOVER, Mass. – May 4, 2022 – ICP knows how rust can ruin the visual appeal of crisp, clean, colorful sports courts. Wipe-Out® Stain Blocker—the newest California® Sports Surfaces brand offering—is calling a timeout on dingy brown spots that can develop over time on tennis, basketball and other outdoor and indoor athletic playing surfaces.



Why do courts rust?

Sometimes, the crushed stone aggregate used in asphalt may contain iron pyrites among other metallic minerals. If iron is present, it can oxidize as moisture penetrates the court, eventually causing rust to migrate to the surface and materialize as spots or streaks.

It is impossible to obtain a guarantee from an asphalt supplier against the presence of certain contaminants, just as it is impossible to predict whether a particular batch of asphalt will contain iron.* Most contractors rely on the fact that the asphalt from a given supplier has not contained iron in the past. This condition is therefore beyond the control of the contractor whose best defense is a good offense.


What can contractors do?

Wipe-Out Stain Blocker can be applied over new or existing asphalt or concrete surfaces that have a sound base of adequate thickness and stability. This includes previously coated surfaces.

Wipe-Out will inhibit the transmission of stains through the surface and should be used on any court where pyrites may be present. This concentrated acrylic latex primer provides exceptional adhesion and stain-blocking properties as a preparation for the installation and maintenance of athletic surfaces. Existing surfaces should have good drainage and be free from cracks and depressions before Wipe-Out is applied.

“Often contractors will drill out the trouble spots by hand, but this is time-consuming and not always practical depending on the extent of the damage,” said Tom Magner, Director of Product Management, Sport Surfaces, ICP. “We’re giving customers a better way to avoid this problem in the first place. We believe the performance and consistency of Wipe-Out Stain Blocker will exceed the market’s expectations for an affordable coating that is aggressive against rust.”


No fuss, no rust

Available in conveniently sized 30- and 55-gallon drums, Wipe-Out is easy to apply with a 50-to70-durometer rubber squeegee and takes just two hours per coat to dry for most applications, depending on local weather conditions.

California Sports Surfaces is committed to evolving the game by making athletic courts and public spaces more beautiful and accessible. The brand’s many surface and coating technologies can be found practically everywhere from parks to playgrounds to cushioned walking trails. Now, contractors have a new option to protect sports courts before costly repairs or replacement is required.

Exciting developments like Wipe-Out Stain Blocker are always happening at ICP—see the latest solutions for competition-ready courts at or visit for even more industrial coatings and adhesives for professional builders and installers.

*American Sports Builders Association (ASBA); Asphalt Impurities; position paper accessed 4.8.22


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